Migrating from IQ2+ to IQ4

I have received the new IQ4 panel I ordered and will be replacing the existing IQ2+ panel currently installed.

Do I essentially need to start from scratch and re-learn all the sensors, z-wave devices, etc. or can this somehow be downloaded from Alarm.com?

Any other tips / best practice advise is appreciated.


Sensors can be restored if you have the same prior RF IQ Panel 2+ system. However there are limitations, not much data is actually restored:

The IQ Panel 2+ must be on 2.6.0+ firmware. The process backs up and restores only the sensor IDs and sensor groups during a panel swap. Panel programming settings, user codes, Z-wave devices, and specific sensor programming, such as advanced sensor settings, are not restored. After a panel swap, all PowerG devices must be individually tampered and sensor names must be manually entered on the IQ Panel 4.

This process is available during normal business hours M-F 9-5:30 EST

Keep in mind for Z-wave, you will need to individually use the clear operation on each device (not Remove all Devices, that won’t work) because each Z-wave device save parent network data which must be removed before it can be added to a new network.

Otherwise, if you do not want to try the backup/restore you can learn all sensors manually and you can swap your panel that is assigned to your account at any time in the System Manager here by selecting Swap Cellular Module/Panel.


Thanks for responding so quickly, explaining what is possible, and for the good information on the z-wave process I need to follow.

I am probably going to do this manually since I have several PowerG devices and will be converting the hardwire interface to PowerG.

Thanks again.


Somehow I managed to join an IQ2+ and two IQ remotes to an ADC access point I had installed to alleviate some wifi issues – I assume I used WPS. While it may be right in front of me, I cannot locate a way to put the IQ4 into WPS pairing mode. Can you point me in the right direction? Alternatively, how do I find the password for ab ADC access point? Thanks! Doug

The password for the smart gateway is not found in the user website, however we can provide it on request. I have sent you a message.


Thank you for your help – it is appreciated.


My alarm.com automation schedules do not appear to be working. Do you have any insight on what I am doing wrong – system logs do not show scheduled events being executed and show unusual on and off actions while everyone is asleep. As always, thanks for the great support!

If rules/schedules are failing, delete the rule, wait 5 minutes, recreate the rule, wait 5 minutes then test.

Any schedules using Sunrise/Sunset may take about a day after deleting/recreating to function correctly.


Thank you. Seems to be working.