Migrating from ADT

I currently have a system from ADT. It’s a Safewatch Pro 3000, which is their rebranded Honeywell Ademco Vista 20P. I have 13 Honeywell door/window sensors (including one on my garage door), 2 smoke detectors, five motion sensors, a siren, and 2 control panels. I have cellular monitoring. The system’s great failing is that it does not meet my city’s requirements for its verified response policy. Since there are no cameras for the monitoring center to use to verify a breakin, the police will not respond. I would also prefer that it have dual path monitoring (internet as well as cellular). I would like to be able to control the new system remotely.

What I’m thinking of replacing it with is a Qolsys based system with Surety’s DIY Alarm.com Gold Interactive monitoring service, with the level 1 video add on. I think I can re-use the existing Honeywell door/window and motion sensors with the use of a Resolution Products RE124HG translator, but that I’ll need to replace the smoke detectors because they won’t work across the translator. I’m planning on using four of the ADC V520IR cameras. I’m not fond of wifi devices and need to run power to them anyway, so I’m planning on running CAT6 to each camera and powering them with a PoE injector. I know the V520IR is supposed to support PoE, but have been unable to find anything that confirms that it complies with 802.3af. Can anyone confirm that it says something about “802.3af” somewhere on the camera or packaging?

So here’s what I think I need to order from Surety:

Qolsys IQ Control Panel (QS-9004-VRZ)
Qolsys IQ2 Secondary Touch Screen Keypad (QW9100-840-00)
Resolution Products Wireless Smoke Detector (Qolsys Compatible - RE112) – two of these
Alarm.com Indoor Fixed Infrared Camera (ADC-V520IR) – four of these
Resolution Products Wireless Siren (RE116-U)

According to the Resolution Products website:


It sounds like I need an RE124HG translator (The Qolsys speaks the GE protocol, and my existing sensors are Honeywell), which I don’t see listed on Surety’s site. If that’s correct, can you order it?

Does this sound about right? Is there anything that I’ve mentioned that sounds like a terrible idea?


Wireless ADC Cameras are not POE, so you would want to use the V820 if you plan on POE.

I will request we add the RE124HG to the store for you. I believe a couple items are being added this week I’ll see if I can get that in the list.

Our service plans do not provide video monitoring (your cameras are only accessible via your login) but yes, you have access to the live feed from anywhere and any alarm scenario can set off recordings from all cameras, send clips to you automatically, let you verify an intrusion while speaking to the operator.

Camera positioning will be important, but with four, it should be easy to cover.

If your monitoring center has no way to access the video feed to confirm a breakin, then this isn’t a useful system for me (it’s effectively self-monitored, and that’s not what I want). Thanks, but I guess I need to look elsewhere.