Migrating from 2GIG GC2 to Qolsys IQP4003

Hi what steps would be best to get this done ?

All you would have to do is purchase the panel and activate it then as long as your GC2 is not the “e” encrypted version you can easily just go into programming on the IQ4 and trip each sensor to program it in being that the 4003 is the 345mhz version of the IQ4 which is the frequency GC2 uses as well. there is no automatic migration path and you would also need to reconfigure your other settings like codes, delays, and any automation devices that you may have previously had. As a note: zwave devices should be excluded from the current GC2 panel before associating with the IQ4. Any rules or automations/notifications for zwave devices may also need to be recreated in alarm.com.

Thanks Andrew, ok plug in and go through set up and trip all 345mhz sensors and enter them.Then what!!

That should be all you need to do sensor wise (the panel actually has a pretty nifty startup wizard that walks you through all required configuration). if activating on surety you would of course want to follow the activation instructions they provide after setup to activate your monitoring service. It is always wise to perform a cellular test and a wifi test after the setup is complete. Unless you want to add zwave devices or cameras that is all the setup there is. It is highly recommeded to disable dialer delay in settings and also configure the entry and exit delay to your liking. If you would like to go lower than the settings allow seach for SIA limit in installer settings and disable that checkbox

Also im sure you know this but just to be sure as your tripping sensors dont forget to name them (for notifications and for the central station to provide the name to 911 when dispatching) and make sure the sensor type is correct (ie perimeter door/window for instant trigger door/window or entry/exit normal for entry exit door)

Heres the link for activation instructions if it is a surety system


Thanks, I have been with you guys for 10 years. When should I remove cg2 and activate ip4. When should I install zwave?

just to be clear… when you say you guys I am NOT part of surety and do not speak for them as this is a customer forum and I am just another customer that happens to be really nerdy when it comes to alarms and other physical security devices. I would wait for the surety team to respond to that last question as they would know how that would affect your bill and other factors but I believe you can just do a panel swap in systems manager at any time and it should be a seamless transfer of service

You can swap the the module assigned to your account at any time in the system manager here. Expand the Swap Cellular Module/Panel section to get started.

Steps to clear and add Z-wave devices on the IQ panel below:

The order of operations isn’t crucial, as you will be connecting a new panel, it will have new node ids for your devices and rules/notifications will need adjustment. However I would recommend swapping the panel assigned to the account, then clear and add Z-wave devices one by one.