Mighty Mouse Tampered

Just finished my install last night. Qolsys panel and 16 door/window sensors and 2 PIR’s. Everything went smoothly and I was surprised how easy it was.

Awoke this morning to a false alarm or at least what I am assuming is false alarm. After disarming the alarm I have a yellow title bar on the panel. Checking the yellow status shows that Window4 is in a tampered state. I have checked the sensor and it doesn’t seem to be apart and is still attached to the framing.

The panel keeps chirping even after I have acknowledge the tampered window4.

Is this possible a low battery or a defective sensor?

It could always be a defective sensor, though that is rare. Is the cover snapped tightly to the sensor? The tamper switch on a Mighty Mouse sensor is very small, if you visually inspect the device, does it seem to be closed and secured the same as the other sensors?

These sensors have a plastic tab placed inside during manufacturing to act as a spacer between the battery and the battery housing. If you open up the sensor, check under the battery to be sure that the spacer was completely removed.

Thanks for the fast response.

When I get home from work I will inspect closer and respond with my findings.

Were you able to discover the cause of the tamper?