Mighty Mouse Alternatives

So I’m ready to buy the Qolsys panel with alarm.com and monitoring service but I’m having an issue with door sensors. I can’t get the Mighty Mouse ones due to the fact that all my doors are metal. And the Resolution Products one is too big. Does anyone know if the Qolsys works with the Interlogix TX-1012-01-1?

I really did not want to have to purchase outside of Surety but you guys only the two Resolution products on here for the Qolsys.

All Qolsys panels serial QSN(E) and above (where E is the defining letter) should be compatible with all GE wireless sensors. This is the new serial run as of a few months ago. Panels prior to this have incompatibility with a few sensors (I know of one shock sensor that was incompatible and I believe a couple more.)

If your panel serial number is “QSNE…” you should be compatible with all Interlogix/GE wireless sensors. Any panel we ship out will be of this new production run.

I’m using both the Mighty Mouse and the Interlogix Micro sensors on my Qolsys right now. They’re about the same size (maybe a tad bigger) and seem to respond just as well. I can’t speak to the metal door frame as I have wood and used recessed sensors, but the antenna is internal. So as long as you have the E panel as Jason mentioned, you should be fine.

I have 3 metal doors - 2 right next to the panel and 1 down in the basement on the far opposite side of the house (4200sqft house) and I get signal with the repeater.

I love the Mighty Mouse Sensors - they are tiny :slight_smile: