Metal Can for Hardwire 16

I recently installed the Qolsys IQ Panel and Hardwire 16 systems. I noticed in one of the Hardwire 16 videos they are mounting the HW 16 and the back-up battery in a metal box they call a “can”. I am having a hard time finding this to purchase - do you guys sell anything like it or have any recommendations? Sometimes if my wires sticking out of the side of the HW 16 get bumped they cause a tamper so I’d like to enclose them + the battery.

Those metal boxes come with traditional hard-wired alarm systems. The only thing special about them is that they have mounting holes to whatever alarm control panel they are made for. In your case, you could use any metal or PVC can you find online or at the hardware store that’s big enough. Or you might contact a local alarm dealer or distributor and ask if they have any extras lying around they might give you or sell for cheap.

If bumping the wires causes a tamper I suspect that they aren’t secured very well. You might be able to to just tie/tape them down better. Is your QS-7121-840 mounted in a location that gets bumped regularly?

Thanks Ryan this is exactly what I was looking for. It is in a coat closet so it gets bumped occasionally. I will try to secure them better, thanks for the advice!