Mesh network for non-Surety devices

I’ve had great success with my simple Surety system so far. At various points it was recommended to split my home network into 2.4 Ghz for the security system + 5 Ghz for my regular devices. This has worked great, except, as expected, the range is a bit worse for my personal devices.

Anyone have success with a good mesh network setup that will work happily on just the 5 Ghz band and not affect my 2.4 Ghz band? FWIW I have ATT fiber and speed/bandwidth is not the issue, just my phone or laptop keeping connection.

Typically, if you are looking to go the route of additional networking equipment, using a dedicated router for your cameras/panel is advised. This lets you use whatever router and settings you want for your home network while keeping cameras and other security components on an unchanging network through a separate access point.

You also don’t need to keep all of the other devices on 5Ghz only. Instead of adding another router, if it is easier to use 2.4 for some of your devices, connect them to the 2.4 network. Splitting the bands is not really to isolate the alarm components, it is to avoid/resolve networking issues resulting from band hopping and auto-optimization in routers.