Medical panic button only

Hi, I am trying to find out which is the cheapest plan that allows my mom to push the panic button and have it alert us by cell phone through the app.

I have checked the Surety website with my panel’s serial# and it says it will work, and the panic button is set up to work as an auxillary.

We have tried live monitoring for a year through another company and it was pretty good but some aspects of it can be overwhelming for her. So I would like the panic button she wears around her neck to be able to be pushed by her and have it notify us that she needs us.

I know there are $4 camera, 6$ general, $15/$20 basic plans and the gold plans but will any of those lower priced packages allow us access to app where the auxiliary panic button could notify us?
Thanks so much.

With the Surety Automate plan you can set up a sensor activity notification that alerts you when the button is pushed. Professional monitoring is not available with that plan but it doesn’t sound like you want that.

You might also consider the Wellness add-on with the Automate plan. It’s really nice when you’re helping a loved one live independently.

Thank you very much Ryan. Good to know that the button will work with that plan.

So when I sign up for the Surety Automate plan that will give me access to through Surety?

Yes it will. You’ll have an account for each Surety plan you sign up for.

Hi, could you walk me through setting up a sensor activity notification for when that button is pushed?

I don’t see that sensor on the notification list so I’m guessing I have to put the sensor in a different category?


Certainly! If you need to make an Auxiliary pendant a notification sensor, you’ll want to go into panel programming: Settings > Installation > Security Sensors > Edit Sensor. Select the pendant and make sure the type is Auxiliary Pendant. The Sensor Group is the important setting here, you’ll want to change it to group 25 Safety Auxiliary Pendant.

Sensor Group 25 is just used for local chimes and sensor activity in It will never generate an alarm locally, but tripping it can be tracked via sensor activity notifications.

Thanks, I did that. Do you know how I get to notify me when that event happens?


To create a new notification for the Aux Pendant, log into and go to notifications. Select to create a new notification and choose sensor activity. Now that the sensor is programmed as sensor group 25, it is no longer an alarm-only sensor and can be selected for sensor activity.

So far the button isn’t showing up under Sensor Activity, I later deleted the button and re-installed it to aux/grp25, still no luck.

(It does show up under Sensor Left Open for x Minutes, but that won’t either.)

Ps. Just got a notification on my cell phone for my garage door, so I know that’s working correctly.

Once the programming on the pendant has been done, you would need to select it for monitoring in Go to Settings -> Devices -> Devices and click the Monitoring check box next to the aux pendant. Then you should see it in the Notifications page as an option when creating a new notification. Any luck?

You guys are great! Thanks for all the help!

Fantastic! Glad you were able to get it up and running for notifications.