Massive Delay/Missing Notifications

So I’ve not had a moment to do even the tiniest bit of troubleshooting yet, but wanted to see if anyone else is seeing the same. In short, I’m barely getting any notifications, and the ones I do get seem massively delayed.

Example, Garage Left open never fired despite it being open for hours on both Saturday and Sunday (I was outside putting up decorations and such).

Another one today. I ran out to grab some lunch about 11:30 am, was back just before noon. At 12:51 pm, I got the Panel Arming reminder in the app.

Well, my conference call stayed boring for a moment, so I had a chance to check one problem. For some reason, the Garage Left open notification no longer had any recipients attached. Re-added those to see. However, the arming reminder was correct, and it did fire off. Just about 75 minutes late.

Looks like the arming reminder notification is a Geofence based notification with multiple users. Note that the reminder will only fire when the last of the users exit the Geofence.

In history the actual reminder entry is listed within a few seconds of the reminder being sent and acknowledged. This typically means that the trigger was processed at that time.

Remember that Geoservices uses tower triangulation to detect movement, not GPS to detect position.

Some things can influence the firing of Geofence rules, especially when multiple phones are used. If a phone is powered down when it leaves the fence, or if the app is forcibly closed the transit will not register.

Also note that some cellular providers disable mobile data while voice is being used. This can also affect the trigger of the Geofence.