Mass amount of sensors keep malfunctioning, need help

Need pretty urgent help, we are having an issue in a clients home with a GC3e panel and around 30 sensors throughout the house. They are all going into malfunction state (like 18 at a time) with seemingly no rhyme or reason. We did a hard reset and restarted the panel and everything looked good for a few hours then back to malfunction state.

We had this happen with a prior client, the issue then was that an installer accidentally used unencrypted equipment codes, once they were changed to the encrypted equipment codes all was good. In this case however we already did use the encrypted equipment codes from the beginning.

  1. Some of the sensors AREN’T encrypted, do I still put in the encrypted equipment codes or regular? Right now I think there might be a couple sensors that aren’t e series but have the encrypted equipment codes.

The equipment code must match whether it is encrypted or not.

If you select an equipment code that does not match either way you will run into problems.

Be sure to resolve that first, then note any sensors that still malfunction frequently, they would need to be addressed separately.

Thank you for your reply, is there a way to remotely detect whether a sensor is encrypted or not?

No, not that I am aware.

Maybe a possible solution will be simply taking the malfunctioned sensors and remotely inputting the unencrypted equipment codes?

I would recommend confirming which is which. Guessing based on malfunction activity isn’t guaranteed to be a solution. The malfunction may be due to other issues.