Many ZWave Devices

Is there any solution to the limit of quantity of devices supported by Qolsys? I have 7 Z-Wave thermostats and it seems that the Qolsys panel is limited to 5. I am having the same issue with light switches. Im currently thinking I have to use a seperate ZWave controller (ex. Vera) for my ZWave devices because the Qolsys is so limited. Anyone know more about this?

The next firmware update for Qolsys (due out very soon) will increase the light switch capacity in fact, but I do not know about thermostats. 7 is a hefty amount. How much distance is between all those and the controller location? These systems are designed to cover a typical home sized space.

I suppose if you have a lot of lighting modules (which you indicated) you would be fine.

I will double check to see if the thermostat limit will be increased

I just finished installing today and the actual count is 9 thermostats. I have close to 30 light switches installed and range isn’t a problem. I would greatly appreciate if you can find out about the limit increase with the next version. I don’t understand why Qolsys limits this at all. Thank you.

9 thermostats? Can I rent one of the towers in your castle? kidding…

2GIG limits the number of thermostats as well. I’ve had this discussion with 2GIG and the reason given was that thermostat management takes up significantly more memory in the device than light switches do. I assume Qolsys does it for the same reason. We’ll ask and see what they have to say.

Any news from Qolsys on this?

The maximum for light switches is already 30 as of 1.4.2 firmware. You can edit this setting in Settings > Installation > Home Control Settings.

Thermostats have a current max of 5, and I have not heard solidly yet whether or not this will be increased. I have a hard time believing this would be increased to 9, as schedule management does take up a chunk of panel resources, although with Qolsys you are more likely to get an increase than 2Gig.