Manual rules push to GC2 IS Sensors

I recently replaced one of two Image Sensors in my home. After deleting the old sensor and installing the new sensor, I performed a Radio Test.

After several days, both IS sensors still show ‘rules status: not completed’. The replacement image sensor is also not showing up on ADC. Both IS sensors do show a 3.36v battery level though and strong signal during a walk test.

Can you try manually triggering the rules update for both sensors?


Did you learn in and install the replacement detector immediately after the first was deleted? I’m betting the original detector did not get purged from ADC prior to the new one taking its spot. We have pushed rules but it does not looks like there is any change in status.

Which was replaced? I think you’ll want to delete that one, reset it, then relearn it in after it is cleared from ADC. If you would like we can send the delete command. Could you confirm the name?

The ‘Downstairs IS Sensor’ is the one that was replaced. ADC also gives me the following error: “Image Sensor initialization is incomplete on Downstairs Is Sensor.”

Strangely, the panel also shows the ‘Upstairs IS Sensor’ as rules status: not completed, but this one is working correctly. Is this an issue?

Go ahead and push the delete to the downstairs sensor and I’ll lean it back in later today.

We’ve sent the command. It should take effect shortly.

Make sure to reset the IS before attempting to re-learn.

Strangely, the panel also shows the ‘Upstairs IS Sensor’ as rules status: not completed, but this one is working correctly. Is this an issue?

No, this happens after making a programming change and the panel reboots. If you perform a quick power cycle of the IS this should resolve. It only occurs on the panel where the IS status screen shows defaults. ADC shows the rules as confirmed for that sensor and it looks like communication is fine.

OK, I’ve reset and re-installed the downstairs image sensor. Can you check it its rules have updated correctly?

Looks like there is still an issue with the IS receiving the rules (the Downstairs one). Rules have been sent numerous times, and the panel has acknowledged each time, but the IS does not change state.

Could you perform a cell phone test when available? We’ve sent some commands to attempt to clear up communication with that IS.

Just ran the test. Shouldn’t be a signal issue; I’ve had the sensor on a table next to the panel since yesterday. I also replaced the 900MHz receiver in the panel about two years ago, so it should be the newer version of it.

It’s probably not a signal strength issue, but the Image Sensor is not responding to any of the requests. Rather, the panel is providing the exact same failed status each time, yet acknowledging all commands.

Was this a new Image Sensor? Or was it purchased used?

One thing you might try is powering down the panel fully for at least one minute, then power back up and run a cell test. After doing so we’ll resend the rules again.

OK, I’ve powered off the panel, waited 5 min, then powered it back on & performed a cell test.

This sensor is supposed to be new; was still in the plastic wrap inside the box when I opened it. It also has a newer firmware version (201.30) than the one that is working correctly (201.10).

Want to attempt the rules push again?

Hey, looks like that power cycle did the trick. You may need to power cycle the Image Sensor locally for it to report confirmed on the panel, but it is reporting rules confirmed on ADC at the moment, so it should be ready to go now.

Can you take another look at this? It looks like ‘Peek In’ and other rules aren’t working for this IS sensor.

Sure, go ahead and run a peak-in now on that Image Sensor and we’ll look at the history and commands.

Just sent the command at 5:15 PM MST

I don’t think this would have any effect, but to rule out everything possible, is there a reason this sensor is programmed as Interior with Delay, rather than Interior Follower?

Also, I do see the command sent, acknowledged by the panel, but I presume no image was captured.

Was this IS bought new or used? What was the reason for replacing the other? Is it related to this in any way?

Actually, Peek In doesn’t seem to be working for either IS Sensor; could this be something on ADC’s back end?

The replacement sensor is supposed to be new and still had all the packaging. I purchased it as a replacement because the older IS Sensor had the random loss of supervision issue others have had.

Hmm, well I’m not noticing any troubles on test IS devices here, but there may be something specific to your system. It does not appear cell signal could possibly affect it as it is tremendously high.

Have you checked to make sure the XCVR2 transceiver antenna is not loose or otherwise damaged? Make sure the transceiver is seated properly.

If you power down the panel completely, try removing and re-seating the transceiver.

Did the problems with the previous IS (the one that was replaced) start recently? Rather, did you notice them before 1.16 firmware?