manual alarm activation

what are the options for manually activating a 2gig alarm system, aside from pressing the panic button on the panel or opening a sensor when the system is armed? will this functionality ever be brought to the ADC app?

There are a couple options available, depending on your desired operation.

You can use a Keyfob, with the emergency key programming field set to the desired output. You can also use a wireless panic button like the PANIC1-345.

If you have 24/7 central station monitoring with suretyDIY, App-based panic alarm activation is actually a new optional feature. This cannot be turned on unless you have 24/7 monitoring.

If you would like to enable and try out the in-app panel panic feature, please send a secure message request here. Note that panic signals result in dispatch. Please be sure to only test it after setting your account on test mode with the central station by calling operators at 855-348-0367.


Is it possible to add the panic button to the today widget for easy access?

No, it is not possible to do that at this time.

We are always happy to forward all feature requests to ADC, but at this time I do not believe this would be added, as the potential problems are very large, with accidental activation of an immediate 911 response from a widget being extremely dangerous and taxing on responders.