Manage push devices

There used to be an option under the users tab to manage push devices. So you could delete old phones, name phones, and delete multiple occurrences of the same phone after resetting it. But I can no longer find any of these options anywhere. Did remove the function?

On the website, I found it under Notifications>Manage Devices.

You’re right. I’d swear thats not where it used to be, but maybe I’m just remembering wrong. Thanks.

It took me a minute of poking around to find it. I swear you are correct, it used to be in a different location and much more intuitive to find.

You’re right, push devices used to actually be listed under a single user entry on the users page.

After using it a while I do like these on the notifications page a bit better. Geo-services geo-devices are still located on the Geo-services page.