Malfunctioning Smoke Detector

One of my smoke detectors reported a loss of supervision last August. Since that time, I have been unable to resolve the issue and finally decided to replace it. I ordered a new smkt3 smoke. In editing the programming for the smoke, the panel would not accept the equipment code for the smtk3. I left the existing code for the smkt2 in place. I ran a walk test before mounting the smoke. Holding down the test button, the walk test properly registered the smoke as triggered. After mounting the smoke in the next room, I attempted a second walk test. This time the panel announced “west smoke”, but the walk test did not register the smoke as triggered. I am at a loss. Any advice would be appreciated.

Program it properly.if it doesn’t accept the code, it may mean you need a firmware update

Download firmware:!Control-Firmware

Here is how to program smkt3

I guess a firmware upgrade is necessary. Thanks

Well, what firmware are you currently running? Current firmware is 1.10.1

If you are not running a 3G cell module, you need one of those too…2G GSM modules are going offline overnight everywhere, especially the AT&T modules. The entire 2G spectrum is currently be reallocated. You could lose cellular connection/monitoring at any time.

How to check:
Security>menu>toolbox> enter master code>right arrow>version>“firmware version”

Anything below v1.9.6 may present issues, as the panel cannot support newer sensors, gear, etc. Which may be why your panel doesn’t see the smkt3 or dbell1.

Updating the firmware is definitely a good idea, but I’m not certain that it is necessarily the issue with this device. The smkt3 should work fine with anything 1.9 and up. I would definitely double check the programming though. The loop numbers for the smkt3 are as follows:

Sensor Type: 24 Hour Fire (This should be 24 Hour Auxiliary Alarm for loop 3)
Equipment Code: (1058) SMKT3-345 2GIG Smoke Detector
Serial Number: To learn in the smoke detector, plug in the batteries, close the smoke detector (connect back plate), wait 15 seconds, then open the smoke detector. The serial number should have learned in, if it did, hit “ok”. If not, try again.
Loop 1: Smoke Detection
Loop 2: Heat Detection
Loop 3: Freeze Detection

The panel is a year old. I cannot check the firmware at the moment as I am not physically there (it is a vacation home). In programming the smoke in, it would not accept the 1058 equipment code. Thus, I lest the equipment code at 0895 (IIRC) for the smkt2 which was originally there. Is there a way for me to check the 3g module or the firmware through the web interface?

Well, if you have a functioning 3G module installed in the panel, we know that you’re at least running 1.9.5 firmware on the panel. Unfortunately, there is nowhere on the customer side of things to check on the firmware version of the panel remotely.

If the panel is monitored, you can have your ADC provider tell you the firmware version via back end. Ditto for cellular type

To check the cellular module physically, see:

As previously posted, this is how to check firmware:

Security>menu>toolbox> enter master code>right arrow>version>”firmware version”


The fact that his panel does not support the equipment code for either 1063 (2GIG-DBELL1), or 1058 (2GIG-SMKT3), suggests his panel is not running firmware v1.9 or higher.

Which also suggests that his panel is running a 2GIG GSM1-GSM7 2G cellular module

Well, I now have my update cable and a 3G module from SuretyCam, and I will soon be at the property so that I can attempt both the firmware update and the swap out of the 2g module for the 3G. It is my understanding that the firmware must be undated first. In updating the firmware are the updates cumulative or serial(that is, do I just need to run the latest update or do I need to run every update in order above my version)? After firmware update and replacement of the 2g module, what do I need to do to get SuretyCam to recognize the system?



You need only update to the latest version of firmware. In order to swap the module, email the new module number to us at Once we’ve swapped the module on your account, we’ll let you know so you can run a cell phone test to complete the process.