Malfunctioning Devices

I have two door sensors that are not working and I need help to get them working. I also have two thermostats (3 total) that are not recognized and need help with them.

Are the door sensors ones that were working previously and now are malfunctioning? Have they been installed since you activated the system or are they new?

I would ask the same questions of the thermostats. Have they ever worked on the system? Have you tried to pair them and did not succeed? Or are they connected to your panel and remote commands are not working?

This page details general Zwave Installation steps.

The doors worked previously, 2 of the thermostats have not worked since I purchased the home a yr ago. A third thermostat does work. They are all the same make and model. I did try to pair the thermostats without success.

Have you tried removing the zwave devices from network, first? before trying to add?

Are they wired for AC or just running on batteries? if batteries only, have you replaced the batteries?

Have you taken the panel off the wall and moved it to the tstats when trying to add them?

As for the door sensors, what are they? dw10, dw20r?

How are the door sensors programmed? What loops are they programmed as?

Do a screenshot of the device programming, and then put panel in test mode, and report signal strength for the two sensors (I assume you have replaced the batteries in them, right?)

If you follow the link posted above, there are steps listed for how to pair Z-Wave devices.

In addition to the above post, did you bring the thermostats and control panel near one another for the inclusion process? They will need to be near one another for proper pairing. This is doubly important if the thermostat is not running off of AC power.

Have the doors in question generated any low battery or malfunction alerts?