Malfunction Troubleshoot

What is the best way to troubleshoot a malfunction? Mine is being caused by a Schlage lever lock. I have rediscovered several times to no avail. The lock responds to the user codes but does not report when opened or closed and there is a continual Malfunction notice on the homepage of my alarm dashboard.

What is the model number of the Schlage? Is this a brand new lock or has it been installed for a while?

On your IQ Panel, go to Settings - Installer Code - Installation - Home Control Devices - Neighbor Info. Press view next to your lock. Does it list neighboring nodes?

On the same Home Control Devices menu, when you press Counters, do you see failed messages listed?

Looking at the network diagnostics, there seem to be some communication drops. How far from the panel is the lock? Where is it in relation to the other devices in your network?

20’ from panel about 5’ to other devices.

Is this a brand new lock?

The naming of this lock indicates it may be outdoors. Can you confirm whether the rear portion of the device is exposed to elements?

Brand new. It is outside but the entire lock is under cover.

This may pose a problem, as that still exposes the power housing and Z-wave radio to extended humidity and temperature change.

Is this an FE599 lock? If not What is the model number? I’ll get some info from Schlage

Yes FE599.

Are you able to remotely lock/unlock the outdoor one? When you originally sent the codes, was the lock in its current location?