malfunction sensor 20

I didn’t get a low battery alert just the malfunction. Here is the thing. when I installed the system I took care in taking note of all the sensors and giving them names like south living room window ect… But I have no idea what sensor is bad. Can someone help me out with this? thanks in advance.

I think this sensor got a non name when I switched over from a different alarm monitoring service to

I just have no idea what sensor it is.

You can check the programming of the sensor in your panel to narrow down the type/model.

In this case, this sensor has an Installation date after you first started service, and it is programmed as an Auxiliary 24/Hour Alarm panic button, this is typically indicative of a panic button used as a medical button.

hi Jason, im positive I never added a sensor or a panic button after I signed on with you great people. I hate going into my panel. I always hit the wrong buttons by accident with the way the panel reacts to my touch. Can you delete the sensor on your end?

Certainly, I’ve sent a command to go ahead and delete that for you. Please allow 5 minutes or so to take effect.

thanks Jason. lol I just head my panel reboot as was like WTH was that then I remembered. thanks for doing that for me. I wish my fingers were not so big and the panel was more responsive. I dont know for the life of me how I programed 19 sensors into it without totally messing something up.

thanks again Jason.Turns out this was an old image sensor I wanted removed anyways. I must have programmed it wrong or something for it to show up as a panic button or something. It seemed I was going threw AA batteries once a month. Thanks again -Shawn

nope I was wrong. its not the image sensor. But thanks anyways.