Malfunction for Light Switch - but not malfunctioning

I have a HomeSeer HS-WD100+ light switch installed in my basement. For some reason, when I login to ADC, I receive an error of “Malfunction (Lower Terrace Lights)”.

However, using ADC, the light control for that switch works flawlessly and has from the start. I’ve never had an issue pairing it, it is a floor down, but not that far from from the panel. I have a solid z-wave mesh network setup, and the switch is Zwave Plus giving it greater distance.

I ordered zflash stick and updated the HomeSeer light switch to the latest firmware 5.19. I still have the issue. Do you know how I can dig deeper on why the error when it works fine?

Thanks for the help!

I am not seeing that alert right now. Is it an intermittent issue?

A malfunction like that is going to typically indicate status responses from the switch were lost.

The best first step would be running a Network Rediscover at the panel. Settings > Installer Code > Advanced > System Tests > Z-wave Tests > Rediscover Network.

If that does not resolve the issue, try removing and re-adding that light, followed by running a rediscover network.

Well it’s been there for a week, and just my luck, after you checked it, it went away. Maybe last night when I was sending commands back and forth to it, I was able to get Qolsys/ADC to recognize it was functioning correctly. If the error pops up again, Ill try what you mentioned. Thanks for the help!