Malfunction and Loss of supervision help

I have a few questions:

I have a PIR motion detector that keeps reporting a malfunction, then after a few minutes fixes itself then reports that it is fixed. Do you have any ideas what is causing this? Could it be simply a low battery issue (even though those are typically reported separately)? I just replaced this within the year, so I am puzzles as to why this is going out so soon. I have the same problem with a thin window contact.

My other question is that these should be warranteed for a year. I called 2 GIG as its past the normal 30 days a dealer will exchange. They said I had to go through a dealer. Have any of you gone through warranty exchange beyond 30 days? How did you get it completed?

You would need to deal with the seller of the parts. If you bought them through suretyDIY, you would contact us regarding warranty. If you bought through a third party, you would want to contact them.

Are these two sensors in a similar location in the home? How far away are they from the control panel?

They are in different parts of the home.

The thin contact is probably 100 feet away and the PIR1 is about 80 feet.

Both have been working fine up until recently.

The thin contact is for the garage door and I have 3 garage doors and the other 2 do not report malfunctions or loss of supervision

Depending on construction you may be seeing a range concern. It may be caused by lower power levels from the batteries.

Check on the control panel itself. Access your security - menu - toolbox and check panel history. Does it show the malfunctions as a “Loss of Sensor Supervision?”

If you notice a loss of supervision that self-corrects by either tripping the sensor or self corrects later on its own, you are looking at an intermittent RF communication drop.

what should a 3V battery in a PIR1 read with a multimeter to be considered acceptable?

2.95v? or is that too low?

All lithium have higher voltage. If it is a 3v lithium, it will be low battery near nominal voltage. When new, it should be near 3.6v or 3.7v.

The batteries run around $5 or so at your local Walgreens/drug store. Make sure package date is 2015.

Just pulled and tested a 2-3 year old CR123A from a motion detector. 3.12. A lower operating voltage will make signalling a little more difficult.