Malfunction (AlcatelOneTouch 5049Z)

We keep getting this error, so I replaced the cell module and now it seems we lost communication to the panel. Also sent a message here.

What does this error indicate? Is it the panel, or the cell module not working right?

It seemed like it was working fine, just kept giving this error randomly. Now of course we have no control over the system.

We have to initiate the module swap on your account before your new module will communicate. Would you like me to do that now?

id love to!

The swap is in progress. Please try to run a cellular test with your new module now.

I will have to do that next time I am onsite, will that work?

Ok, please let us know if you have any trouble.

looks like we have communication again, but the error in the title is still showing as an issue. What can we do about that?

AlcatelOneTouch 5049Z is a model of smart phone. This is a malfunction referring to a mobile device which is no longer reachable.

If you recently replaced a phone, this error would be expected if it was left in the account settings as a Push notification recipient or a Geo-Device.

There are two places in settings to delete the old phone instance, depending on what was enabled on it previously:

  1. Under Users in settings, delete any push device listed for that phone.

  2. Under Settings > Geo-Services, look under the Geo-Devices section and you can click on the instance of the phone you want to delete. On the phone’s page click the trash icon in the upper right.

thanks a bunch :slight_smile: all better