Make one motion sensor active in arm (stay) mode?

Is there a way to make one of my motion sensors be part of the arm (stay) command instead of only arm (away)? It is the only sensor in a detached guest house so would like it on when we turn in for the night.

For the Qolsys panel, the sensor group programming field for each zone determines how the sensor reports are handled in different arming states.

You can edit that sensor in programming (Settings > Advanced Settings > Installer Code > Installation > Security Sensors > Edit Sensor) and use Sensor Group 15 for that motion detector, which is a motion sensor group which will alarm on Stay or Away.

See the thread below for a description of various sensor group options.

I have a similar question and found this post with a search. Unfortunately, looking at What are Sensor Groups on the Qolsys IQ Panel 2? - Alarm Grid I don’t see anything that fits. I find it interesting that this feature doesn’t exist, especially for exterior motion sensors.

Do u have an IQ 2 if so u would just go in programming and change that sensor to the group number

I have an IQ4, but there is no motion sensor group that is “Stay only”. The inaptly named “15 Stay Instant Motion” is actually stay and away per the description (“Will trigger immediate alarm if sensor is faulted while the system is Armed Away or Armed Stay…”) and my experience.

R u wanting the motion to be delayed?

I want my outdoor motion sensors to only be active during “Arm Stay”.

So I been reading the install manual can’t find an option to do that to arm only when stay if u want that then each time the alarm is armed away the outside motions would have to be bypassed

My self never used motion sensors outside except when protecting outside buildings but not actual outdoors

I want my outdoor motion sensors to only be active during “Arm Stay”.

There is no option to set a sensor group to only alarm on stay.

Generally we recommend outdoor sensors be set as no response type sensors (Sensor Group 25) and used for notifications only, especially if you use professional monitoring. False alarms are very common on outdoor sensors.