Lutron smart bridge pro

I am thinking of getting lutron serena shades and caseta dimmers to integrate with my system. How well does this integration currently work; i.e. to turn certain lights on when the alarm is disarmed and to turn all the lights on and open all the shades when the alarm is triggered.

I’m not aware of many people using it yet and I’ve never used it myself so I can’t say. It’s supposed to work better than Z-Wave just because the wireless signaling Lutron uses is more reliable than Z-Wave. Here is what currently works:

Lutron Electronics Equipment Required:
One of the following repeater/processor/smart bridge:

  • RadioRA 2 with firmware 6.1.0 or above
  • Homeworks QS with firmware 5.1.0 or above
  • Caséta Wireless

What features are supported?

  • Plug-in Switch and Dimmer Control
  • In-Wall Switch and Dimmer Control
  • Light Schedules (not available for Caséta)
  • Pico Control
  • Scenes/ Phantom Buttons/ Virtual Buttons
  • Keypad Control
  • Individual Shade Control (Venetians coming soon)
  • Lutron Thermostat (Coming soon)

What control panel do you have? These integrations will work faster & better if you have dual path communication via a Qolsys panel or a 2GIG Go!Bridge.

I have the 2gig go control. What is the method of pairing ADC with the lutron bridge?

ADC and Lutron have back-end server-side integration, like ADC has with Liftmaster MyQ. The Go!Bridge would help make sure the 2GIG panel gets messages to ADC faster so ADC can get them to Lutron faster.

Would it be added to under the empower --> lights section, or would I need to call to have it added in?

We would add the Caseta Smart Bridge to your account and you would add the lights/shades to the Caseta system using Lutron’s normal setup process. Then those devices would show up on your account as well.