Lutron Caseta & Yale Lock

Is it possible to automate Lutron switches based on lock status?

No, you cannot use lock status to trigger lights at this time.

You can trigger both locks and lights based on arming, or likely a better solution depending on what your use case is would be using an scene to control everything at one time.

Are you trying to trigger lights when locking/leaving or when unlocking/entering?

Hey Jason. Here is the overall issue:

I just got some lutron caseta light switches which I have setup using the Lutron app and subsequently paired with ADC. I am able to turn the lights on and off from ADC and it’s relatively fast (~2 seconds). I setup a rule to automate my garage light when the door sensor is opened and when it’s closed. Now, when I open the door, it takes around 30 seconds for the rule to engage and closing the door takes around 15 seconds - which makes this functionality pretty unusable. If I open the door immediately after, I waited over 2 minutes and the lights didn’t turn on.

In troubleshooting, I noticed ADC is reporting the door sensor activity around the same time the rule is triggered. My IQ2+ panel reports the door sensor immediately, every time (opened/closed). Is this an expected delay? Is there a limit on sensor reporting? I hope not.

This is why I asked about the Yale lock status since the lock status detection seems quicker.

Ah, this is a limitation of Lutron vs. Z-wave lights, because Lutron is a closed system that links to in the backend. must process the rule and trigger it. That means sensor activity monitoring limits will apply to the application. So, if you open and close the door there will be 3 minutes before the door status can be open again. This is a limit placed on activity monitoring to avoid runaway notifications and excessive processing.

That also means in the best case scenario your sensor opens, relays to the panel, the panel signals to ADC, ADC processes the rule, ADC sends command to Lutron, Lutron processes command and light on.

Command/status latency is involved there.

In the case of a Z-wave light, sensor opens, relays to the panel, panel processes rule and turns on light.

Unfortunately that makes sense. Thanks.

I wish I had a better work-around there for you. If your system supports dual path, make sure to have the alarm panel connected to your internet to allow the fastest command processing.

It might make sense to just replace that one light with a Z-wave switch if the automation is important to fire quickly. Could move the Lutron switch to another location.

No problem. Since I’m knee deep in Lutron, I have purchased a Hubitat hub to handle local Lutron automation. I will then see how setting the IQ panel as a secondary controller will function.