Lutron Caseta rules with Geofence and Bluetooth

I have my Lutron Caseta lights added through the app. Is it possible with geo-fence and Bluetooth disarming to also have a certain light turned on? If so how?

Animating lights based on Geo-Fences is one of the options in Automation for users with Gold Interactive service.

Navigate to Automation > Rules and create a new rule. Automate lutron devices and select the Geo-Fence event.

You can automate based on Disarm, not bluetooth activity, but note that would occur regardless of what caused the disarming. So if you automate based on Disarm it would occur for bluetooth disarming, remote app disarming, local disarming, etc.

I don’t see that. I have gold service.

To manage Automation rules you’ll want to use the website. Login to and select Automation from the left hand navigation tree.

I added the lutron lights to Afterwards I realized that the link pulls the info from the box circled in the attached pic. The other descriptions in the lutron app made the default “main” satisfactory. The app list them mostly as “main”. In the lutron app, have changed the names but it’s not reflected in the app.

Looks like it may have just taken a moment to sync, as I am seeing more specific unique names for those devices.

You may need to log out and log back in to view the changes.

Went into website. I have 2 phones paired. Only one showed up when I added the geofence rule for lights

Geo-services must be enabled on each device separately in order to be selected for Geofencing rules. This can be found under Menu - Geo-Services. Only one phone is listed on ADC as having Geo-services enabled currently.