Lte comm upgrade simon xt and ct100 thermostat

whats the steps for enabling a new 4g lte communicator module in my simon xt .
do i notify surety of the module ID numbers first. id like as little down time as possible.


i have a legacy CT100 thermostat ill have to learn into the zwave. will i still be able to use it or have to upgrade.

Hi, it looks like you are referring to swapping the module for an existing Surety service plan, right?

To do that you can swap the module at any time by visiting your Surety System Manager and selecting the Swap Cellular Communicator option. You will be directed to enter the module ID for validation and submission.

After, you will be directed to run a cell phone test from your panel to complete the swap.

Regarding the CT100, the legacy CT100 thermostat access is based on the account creation date, so existing accounts with a CT100 can continue to use them, or relearn them into their panels.

The CT100 cannot be used on newly created accounts. You should be fine in this case.

Awesome. thankyou