Lowes/iris/2GIG zwave

In case you are unawares, the Lowes iris zwave devices pair with 2GIG…tstats, sirens, etc

That’s a great price for the Everspring siren!

Curious, have you looked at the Fortrezz outdoor siren? I haven’t used one yet.


I didn’t look at the Fentrezz. Outdoor sirens won’t go over well in an HOA.

But regarding the iris/Lowes zwave… I did see the switches, and outlets. Any idea where one can get the toggle style zwave switches? For something like this?


As far as I know z-wave toggle switches no longer exist. One manufacturer tried to do it a while back but they didn’t work very well. These Aeon Labs Aeotec switches work with your existing toggle switches and hide behind them in the gang box so it gets you the same end result.


I added the Utilitech 85-Decibels Indoor Siren (Works with Iris)
Item #: 422360 | Model #: TSE07-1 from lowes. I can see it under emPower Devices on alarm.com so I assume I added it correctly. How can I test to make sure it is working?

85db? The newer lowes Utilitech Iris siren (available in store) is 90/100db…

If the one you have is only 85db, better return it and get the 100db one.

Call out your system (put it on test)

And activate a device…to set off panel

I am guessing the CO2/smoke is not really z-wave: http://www.lowes.com/pd_505521-347-ZCOMBO_0__?productId=4780109

Does a combo CO2/smoke detector exist that is 2GIG compatible?

That’s the first I’ve seen of the First Alert ZCOMBO but based on what I’m reading, yes, it is z-wave. I’ll check with 2GIG to see if they have plans to support it. Thanks for the info!

Hi Ryan, any word on potential First Alert ZCOMBO compatibility? Thanks!

I did inquire about it back then but forgot to follow up with a post. The only response I received was to to look into the FireFighter which is great for low cost smoke monitoring but doesn’t help with CO.

I can try to follow up again but unless they’re planning on supporting the ZCOMBO soon I doubt anyone will respond.

Do you think it’s worth me bothering to buy one and try it, or is it unlikely to work if not explicitly supported?

It won’t work now because 2GIG doesn’t currently support Z-Wave sensors. I was only inquiring to see if they had it on the road map. I did see some Z-Wave security sensors on their display at ISC West so it appeared as though they intend to do so in the future, but I didn’t see the ZCOMBO there.