Low tone beep a few seconds after arming

I always hear a short low toned beep a few seconds after I arm my system, either stay or away.

There are no error messages on the panel and it doesn’t give any of the usual error beeps like when it has lost communication with a sensor or there is a low battery or weather or anything like that.

This is simply a short low pitched beep that happens every time we arm the system.

This is my 4th panel of the same type i.e. 2GIG-GC2 and this is the only panel that has ever done this.

It has been doing this for a long time but I’ve never taken the time to ask.

Can someone give me a clue as to why this is happening?


The beep sounds like you are playing Operation! and its jarring. It occurs shortly after pressing the arm button, during the countdown?

This is tied to Q97, disabling it should stop that beep. It is used for UL 1610 compliance, which relates to burglary-protection use at mercantile and banking premises. It is unnecessary for home or normal business use.

Operation! Yes! that’s that sound.

I’ll go in and take care of that.

Thanks for that advice. I must have changed that not realizing what it was for unless it defaults the way it is now.

It didn’t used to be a default setting. The feature was introduced way back in FW ver. 1.13 but was always disabled.

It is possible that newer GC2 panels have it enabled by default, either way, its not necessary to be enabled.