Low temp sensor alert

I have a Resolution Products Flood & Extreme Temperature Sensor (RE219) on my system and I was wondering if there was any way to set up the low-temp loop as an ADC monitored sensor so that I can just get push notifications if it triggers. Currently I can only figure out how to have it as a full alarm, a chime, or nothing at all.


In 2GIG System Configuration program the sensor like this

sensor type: (23) no response
sensor reports: (1) enabled

Then make sure you have “activity monitoring” enabled for that sensor on your Alarm.com account. Log into the website, go to Security -> Sensor and make sure the “Activity Monitoring” box is checked for that sensor.

You can set up a “Sensor Activity” notification to alert you when it’s activated.

Keep in mind that Sensor Activity monitoring is a feature of the Gold Interactive service.

Thanks guys, another question…
I have the Gold Interactive service and it allows monitoring for like 10 or so devices. Is there any way to increase that number?


All of the sensors installed on your system are “security monitored”, meaning they can trigger alarms and cause the police to be dispatched. Sensor activity monitoring is an additional Alarm.com service that goes above and beyond security monitoring to let you see the status of specified “activity monitored” sensors through Alarm.com.

Sensor activity monitoring is limited to 10 with Gold Interactive because “sensor activity monitoring” dramatically increases the cell phone signal usage of the alarm system. It sends a signal to Alarm.com every time that sensor opens/closes or changes in any way.

Keep in mind that not all sensors can be activity monitored. To understand this, remember that your smoke alarm is either activated or not activated, regardless of the status of your security system. Same for Carbon Monoxide detectors, etc. Activity monitoring allows you to see if your motion detector has been activated recently, or whether a door has been opened, or a window is currently open, etc. even when the system is unarmed. As such I do not feel that all sensors that can be activity monitored are worth activity monitoring. For example I don’t see a real benefit being derived from using activity monitoring on my glass breaks, but I’d pretty interested to see if the motion detector in my office is activated after the dog walker stops by (with no reason to explore that part of my home). But everyone uses their systems differently.

You can add additional sensors to be activity monitored for $2/month for each 5 additional sensors. To do this, just email us at customerservice@suretyDIY.com, including how many blocks of 5 additional sensors you would like to add, and if you have multiple accounts, to which you would like to add those blocks. If its during office hours, you can always grab us on Live Chat as well.