Low Battery Warning

Hi I have an error on my panel to replaces the battery on sensor. I already replaced it, but it did not clear. It is also displayed within the app. This happened in the past and on if the representatives reset it. Can you look into it? And if we can resolve it moving forward? Maybe there is an upgrade that can solve this?

If a low battery notification still persists in the app but not the panel, that is likely something that can be remotely addressed, but if the low battery notification still shows on the panel itself, then there is likely one of two problems:

  1. Signal is weak to the sensor and the updated status is not able to refresh.
  2. Batteries are still low.

Can you confirm the correct sensor had its batteries replaced? Do you have a multimeter to check the voltage of the batteries?

Always be sure to replace all batteries if multiple are used by a sensor and replace them with the same type.

If you bring the sensor close to the panel and activate it, does the low battery notice clear?