Low Battery Warning on Smoke Detector


We’re getting a low battery warning from three smoke detectors we no longer use. I removed them from the system by watching the suretydiy video, but the panel just alerted us again. Do the system changes not go into effect immediately?


Happy to assist!

It would appear that the smoke detectors in question are 2GIG SMKT3s correct?

Note Each SMKT3 has three different zones, one for Smoke detection, one for high heat and the last for low temp. The 3 zones for Smoke Detector 3 in this case were the ones reporting the low battery.

Records indicate that the incorrect zones were removed from the panel, these would be Smoke One and Smoke Two (The Smoke detecting zones for those 2 smoke detectors) The low battery only affects the detector’s zone labelled Smoke Three (removed successfully) and the two zones labelled Smoke Three Temperature (not removed)

In order to resolve the low battery warning you will need to remove the two zones labelled Smoke Three Temperature as well.