Low battery warning in portal won't go away

I have a Yale zwave lock on my front door. I got a low battery warning (it was showing 10% or so on the panel). The low battery warning also shows in the app and the portal. So far so good.

Then I change the batteries. The panel says 100% battery. No more warning there.

But the mobile app and the adc web portal keep saying device low battery. How do I make that go away? In the portal I tried clicking the x near the alert. And interestingly in the portal the battery shows as full… But it still has the alert front and center.

It is a big deal because sometimes (rarely) the battery drops way faster than normal so I don’t want to just ignore the alert and lock out the babysitter or whatever.

Have you tried simply unlocking or unlocking via remote, or arming and disarming the system? Sometimes it takes a command or so to update the status.

Pretty sure I did, but I just unlocked and locked via the app and it’s still there.

Few hours later and the alert is still there. Panel shows the lock at 100% battery.

I have been looking into it but at the moment I don’t have an answer. Discussing with Alarm.com. I hope to follow up with something useful shortly. Sorry for the delay but we’ll get it figured out.

Ah I see. We’ve been focusing on the lock but the warning is about your Front Door sensor with the same name. I think you need to replace the battery on that sensor.

Ha! Thank you

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I can’t believe it took me that long to notice! :disappointed: