Low Battery Triggering Alarm and inconsistent central monitoring

Over the past few weeks I have gotten woke up by my alarm 3 different times very early in the morning.

Each time it was a tamper alarm stating that the battery is low.

Is there anyway to prevent the alarm from going off for a low battery and just notify me instead?

Additionally, out of the 3 times it went off (all 3 for several minutes, I am a heavy sleeper)

The longest one out all if them did not result in central monitoring contacting me. The other 2 did - additionally, one of the times central monitoring called me I just told them is was a false alarm and they didnt ask for any info. The last time the guy asked for my code, address, and full name. Very inconsistent on central monitoring.

So what are they supposed to ask when they come over the 2 way?

The issue here is that this is a panel error.

Looking at the account I can see a two-way voice call is generated, but an actual alarm code is not being received by the central station when this low battery tamper alert occurs.

The central station is effectively getting a 2-way call with no knowledge of why except a trouble alert which does not generate 2-way calls by itself.

Similar tamper alarm problems with Qolsys IQ Panels were resolved in another case by updating the system to 1.6.2 firmware, and IQ2s to 1.6. You can find instructions to do so here.

Is there anyway to prevent the alarm from going off for a low battery and just notify me instead

Digging through the history on this, I only see tamper alerts, and a number outside of the panel being armed. An Alarm will occur if a sensor is tampered when the system is armed.

However, I do not see any Low battery alerts. Where did you see low battery reported? Did the panel itself show a low battery status for the sensors in question?

Yes, the panel itself showed a low battery. My alarm.com notifications showed a tamper alert, panel showed low battery.

Can you post a photo of the low battery alerts in the panel history? That way we can match the times and send to Qolsys for review.

Im almost certain I cleared it because the tamper stayed on for approx an after I changed the battery so I thought clearing it might assist.

I will double check when i get home.

Speaking of clearing alarms, I suggest they add a passcode in order to clear alerts and alarms in the future.