Low battery posted on panel

Low battery posted on panel…

Where is the battery on the panel, what type does it need?


That depends on the model of alarm panel. It looks like you are referring to an NX-8 panel is that correct? That would use a 12VDC brick battery in the metal panel housing.

Yes. I am using the NX-8 panel. So a 12VDC brick battery in the metal panel housing would do it? Is there a brand of batter that would work best? Where best to buy them online?


A link is found in the prior reply.

Where do I install the [12VDC Replacement Backup Battery I just received?

Do I open the communication box in the attic & place it there?

It will be in the main panel board casing. This will be a large rectangular metal case, like this, likely what you are referencing. This is where all the sensor/keypad wires converge. The battery is inside there.