Low Battery Notification

My alarm panel keeps making beeping noises every so many minutes. It claims The batter is unplugged but it is Not.

Records indicate that your system is reporting two separate low battery notifications.

Once is for the main panel’s backup battery and the other is with regards to a Dining Room Motion Detector.

When replacing the motion battery, unplug the original battery and leave the device powered down for about a minute before replacing the battery with a new one, following polarity. Which motion detector do you currently utilize?

Regarding the notifications at the panel, these can be acknowledged via the home screen using the Status button through the Alerts tab. This will not fix the underlying issue however, just temporarily stop the notification.

To troubleshoot, you can power down the main panel (Settings -> PowerDown) and unplug the internal battery. Wait about 30 seconds then plug the battery back in, ensuring that the connector is firmly seated. you will also want to check the battery to ensure that it has not started to pillow and no longer fit correctly, this is a sign of a bad battery.

Power the panel back up. Note that the internal battery may take up to 24 hours to fully charge if drained. Any change?

I replaced the battery in the sensor and removed the battery in the iq panel. Now my panel is making a weird sound every so many minutes. Should i buy a new battery?

If the panel is beeping periodically, that indicates that there is a trouble notification, what does it say?

Regarding the main panel’s low battery, when following the steps above to check the backup battery connection and status, was the internal battery plugged back in before powering up the main panel?

Records also indicate that the motion detector that was previously reporting a low battery, is now reporting a tamper. This would indicate that the tamper switch in the motion detector has been tripped. This typically happens when the cover is removed (like when changing the battery) but not reattached correctly. You will want to ensure that the cover to the motion is firmly in place and/or not misaligned so as not to tamper the unit.