Low Battery Life on a CT-80

I replaced a CT-80 but am using it to monitor temperatures in an AV cabinet so that I can see it through ADC. It is not running a HVAC system and is on batteries.

I thought it was supposed to get a year or two. The batteries run out in about a month. I have swapped batteries a few times and same outcome.

Could there be a setting that is improperly set that is draining my batteries quickly?

The device is labeled “Media Cabinet Sensor” correct?

This tstat is showing as having been learned in on AC power, which means it would be operating in full power repeater mode all the time.

If you intend to only use it on batteries, you would want to remove it from the panel and relearn it in while only operating on battery power. This should put it in power save mode when paired and it will no longer function as a repeater.


There is no way I would ever have figured this out on my own nor do I believe most providers would have figured it out either. This is a testament to the benefits you receive with Surety.

With that being said, it doesnt show the temperture anymore when I bring it up anymore on the app. I wanted to use this device to monitor temp

Are you able to view it on the panel itself?

Just in case, always be sure to learn in the thermostat when it is within about 6 feet of the alarm panel. Since you want to learn it in on battery power, you can just bring it to the panel, remove it, wait a minute, and learn it back in.

This proximity is required for non-NWI compliant devices and further distance learning can often cause ongoing issues.

After learning it in and placing it back in its permanent spot, try running a network rediscovery to ensure it can relay data to the panel via the best possible path in your Z-wave network.

Does this resolve the issue you are currently seeing?

I learned in the thermostat about 6 inches from the panel.

I did a rediscover network (2 times)

It comes up on the panel (it takes FOREVER)

I can not get it to read current temp on the app.

I try pullng down the screen on the app to refresh to no avail

A delay in displaying the temp can happen, and as long as a network rediscovery is run and the device is learned in on battery this should work.

It looks like in fact the thermostat is now reporting a temp in the ADC backend, so you should see one in the app and website now. Can you confirm?

The thermostat correctly shows as being learned in on battery at this time as well, so it is in power save mode now.

Its all of a sudden much faster.

I know we are not really using this device for its intended application.

Is there a better way to do this? I really just want to read temp inside this media cabinet

Glad to hear that it is faster.

There is not a temperature gauge that reports to Alarm.com in the manner you are looking for. The way you are using the extra tstat is likely the best option through Alarm.com for this application.