Low battery - GE TX-1510-01-1

Hello, I recently switched to suretyhome and added my existing sensors to the IQ4 panel. However I keep getting low battery notifications on a GE TX-1510-01-1 recessed sensor even with a new battery. Any help would be appreciated.

How old is that sensor good chances r that sensor could be a bad battery or could be a bad sensor

Sensor is roughly 5yrs old and battery is new.

I know it new but depending how long it was on the shelf they go bad idk how to explain it weird try another battery if that don’t work u will have to replace the sensor

When replacing the battery, leave the device powered off without a battery for a full 60 seconds. Then replace the battery.

This allows all charge to drain which may be causing an issue with the sensor resolving the low battery status.

Thanks that did it !