Low Battery DW10

I have 1 sensor. Its random keeps telling me the battery is low. I have swapped batteries a couple times and then swapped the whole sensor. Im still getting battery low. The sensor is no more than 15’ from the 2GIG unit. Why? Im beyond myself at this point.


Looking at the equipment list, it appears there is currently one sensor reporting low battery, but I see tampers in history from a different sensor.

I see Living Room Window Two with low battery.

I see multiple tamper reports from Family Room Window Two and Dining Room Window, but none from Living Room Window Two.

Opening the sensor cover causes a tamper alert. This suggests that a different sensor than Living Room Window Two was opened for battery replacement.

Can you double check and confirm which sensor is causing the trouble?

When did you replace the sensor? Did you replace it with an existing sensor at the house or with a newly purchased sensor?

Jason its Living Room Windows 2 that is causing the issue. I replaced with a brand new one still saying the same thing that its low. Now it shows its low but eventually it will clear itself and be fine. I feel this is environmental but cant put my finger one it. Living room window 1 is literally 1" away from it and its not barking. And the dining room sensor was saying low batter I replaced it and now its fine. This LR Win2 issue is driving me bonkers. It just started happening a month or so ago from what I recall.


Can you open the cover on Living Room Window Two? Just pop the sensor cover off. Does the panel indicate a tamper?

Yes I can do it again if need be.

Yes, please do and let me know when you have tampered it. I am not seeing any tamper events for that sensor in history for the past two months. I want to be sure that the signals match up and there isn’t an overall issue with the sensor.

Tamper just reported by ADC

So that tamper that came through was for Family Room Window Two.

The sensor with the repeated low battery is Living Room Window Two. Those are two different sensors in panel programming. It sounds like you might be swapping the batteries in Family Room Window Two instead of the one labeled Living Room Window Two.

Ya its labeled Family Room and Living room. They are one in the same. Question still stands any thoughts why it would keep throwing up false positives that the battery is low?

Family Room Window Two and Living Room Window Two are two different sensors.

They are not the same sensor.

They are programmed independently into your panel with unique TXIDs.

The Family Room Window Two is not the sensor that is showing low battery.

Sorry I made a mistake. FM2 and Living 2 are different sensors. Our home used to have a formal living room space that was converted to be part of the dining room area.

No problem, one of the sensors in that dining space then is likely the sensor causing the low battery trouble.

Try opening the sensors there or tampering them to determine which is the “Living Room Window Two” zone. That one is the one that needs battery replacement and should resolve the issue for you!

ok I feel like I might be a complete dumbass here. Let me change those batteries and see what happens… OMG this has been going on for a month gawd I feel stupid right now…

Ha, no, no worries! It’s easy to mix up sensors if you have a lot of them or if they are similarly named.

A common mistake I see is replacing the batteries of the front door sensor but the actual low battery is the front door Z-wave lock. These things happen. Glad it’s an easy fix!