Low Battery and Silent Away Exit

I am getting a low battery message on the panel regarding the sensor from the garage to the yard. It has happened before and if I recall correctly, it was not actually a battery problem. Is there something you can check on your end to see if it is a battery or not?

Also, every now and then when I arm the system in the morning it does not actually beep. It still arms and disarms properly, just doesn’t beep sometimes. Not sure if there is anything I should worry about with that.

I took a look at your alarm.com account and it does appear to be low battery.

I’ve seen the issue of the panel going silent during the exit delay when armed away before. It’s not something I would be too terribly concerned about but it is something that I’ve reported to 2GIG to see if they’ve seen that before. I was told that they will get back to me about it. I’ll follow up tomorrow if I haven’t heard anything by then.

I followed up with 2GIG and they didn’t have any new information for me. I don’t think it’s an issue to concern yourself too much about though. That being said, I’ll keep pressing them for more information.