Low battery alerts seem to never come up anymore

I have had several sensors over the last few months report malfunctions. I have a GC2. Changing batteries seems to resolve

Why are my sensors not stating “low battery”. I seem to recall them doing that in the past, but for the last 4 or 5 sensors, it doesn’t. Just goes to malfunction

Currently this sensor (right gate) states “loss of supervision” on the panel and malfunction on the app.

My panic button previously triggered due to low battery. Would have been nice to just replace the battery when it was time and to be alerted

Supervision is the periodic “Heartbeat” signal sent by a sensor to let the panel know it is functional and present. There are many reasons a loss of supervision may occur.

Lower battery levels are a very common trigger for supervision errors. This is because the weakening sensor is more easily affected by things such as range, attenuation, or interference.

Especially in larger systems with more distant sensors, you will commonly see supervision errors on some sensors before the actual low battery threshold.