Low Battery Alert

How do you refresh panel to get rid of low battery warning, and name changes on sensors?

See this video for trouble acknowledgement.

This will suspend the trouble beeps but the alert will not clear until the cause is fixed. In this case it looks like 3 sensors and a door lock are reporting low batteries. These batteries should be replaced soon.

Changing names on a sensor at the panel can be done by entering your installer toolbox and scrolling to the desired sensor. scroll down to the voice descriptor. Edit the names using the 3-digit codes for the panel vocabulary.

It should be noted that you should make sure any name changes (descriptors), zone (sensor) changes (e.g., moved, added, deleted) are also updated with central station data entry.

All the batteries (except for main panel) can be obtained at drug stores (Walgreens, CVS, etc). Once batteries are replaced, the low batt troubles will clear on their own.