Low battery alert on wired door sensor

Can anyone think of why my ADC service is reporting a LOW BATTERY condition on three of my WIRED door sensors?

What panel do you use?

Do you have a TAKE-345? If so that would indicate the 12VDC brick backup battery is low.

Do you have the wired sensors connected to individual wireless transmitters? Those transmitters would be low.

I have a 2Gig panel. I did not do install, but there may be some wireless transmitters since it was previously wired for a standard alarm system.

I took a look at the Take-345 and believe I have that installed. I bet that is what is going on…

Thanks for your suggestions.

Happy to help. If the sensor that is reporting low battery is connected to a TAKE-345, the brick battery in the old panel would be the one reporting low. It is used for battery backup for the TAKE.