Low battery alert feature request

Pertains to IQ2 panel: a low battery alert creates a notification/message on the panel as well as two burst of 4 quick chirps every 30min.
The issue is if you acknowledge the notification, it goes away but the chirping does not stop until the low battery condition is resolved (eg changing the battery)

Would be preferable that low battery alerts that are cleared but not actually resolved present themselves again (eg should be persistent)

In my case I received a low battery notification and chirps on the panel. I cleared the low battery, as I believe it to be a false alert given the relatively young age of the battery (3 years with a published 6-8yr life span in the sensor documentation). The low battery alert never returned (I assumed I was correct and it indeed was a false alarm) but the chirps continued. Would prefer that the panel notification and panel chirps would operate simultaneously.

The DSClsdwf9 panel I use does continue to show the battery fault and cannot be cleared until the battery is replaced. After several days of annoying chirping I went with the info provided by the DSC panel and changed the battery and all is well now.

Happy to forward suggestions, of course! In general that’s correct unless the same event re-occurs, if you acknowledge the alert the panel will not continue showing a new alert for that condition. These conditions do not always show up in the current status menu section, which would be a logical place for them to remain after acknowledgement, I would think, but you can view them in history.

Trouble beep settings can be found in the Sounds menu.