Low Battery Alert and 2GIG Panel

Hi I’m in existing customer for probably the last five years I have an alarm with you guys all of a sudden the batteries are dying a lot quicker than they used to and the control panel to me is a bit annoying when there is a battery low I get this extremely loud alarm in my house which startles everybody is there a new upgraded version of that to G.I. G.I. panel that is available and if so how do I get a program to my existing system and or is there an upgraded version because I am spending more time changing batteries and being a little annoyed by all of the different beeps and sounds and bypassed sensors

Happy to assist! It appears that you are referring to low battery notifications from a couple Door/Window contacts, 2GIG DW10s correct?

To acknowledge a trouble alert (such as a low battery) press the Security button (from the home screen of the panel) then click on the yellow triangle button. This will let you view the current trouble condition(s). Clicking on the OK button will temporarily acknowledge the alert and stop the beeping.

The underlying issue will need to be resolved however. The battery on the sensor would need to be replaced to resolve the issue.

How old are the sensors in question? Were they all purchased around the same time? Note that the lithium batteries included with the DW10 have about a 5 year lifespan, depending on use etc. The sensors in question require two (2) CR2032 batteries.

With regards to the panel, 2GIG does offer the GC3 panel which is a more premium offering over the current panel you are utilizing. The biggest draw of the GC3, imo, is that the local control is an improvement with the GC3, with a capacitive touchscreen instead of a resistive screen and a larger better layout when it comes to local control. There are some drawbacks, if utilizing the Go!Bridge or TS1 secondary panel, they would not be compatible with the GC3 however.

Note that switching to the GC3 would not resolve the battery issues you are currently experiencing as the issue is related to the sensor, not the panel. The GC3 will still beep and notify you when sensor batteries are reporting low.

Should you opt to swap to the 2GIG GC3 panel, it is possible to run a backup of your current panel settings and push them to the new panel depending on the version of your current panel. For more information on this subject, see this post here.