Loss of Supervision on DW10

Every now and then, I keep getting a Loss of Supervision notification on one of my window sensors. If I open and close the window, the notification goes away and doesn’t come back for another few days or so. I had this sensor on the window prior to upgrading my firmware on the panel and switching out my cell module. I never had an issue before that. Should I remove and re-pair with the panel? It’s not even close to being the farthest away from the main panel so I don’t think it’s a distance thing.

The only thing I can think that “might” be the culprit is that I have a baby monitor (video, but not IP controlled) in the same room as the sensor. I don’t have a home phone, but do have a wireless network.

Baby monitors can wreak havoc on Zwave signals, typically not 345 mhz sensors.

Loss of supervision errors usually just mean something is causing a degradation of signal. Is there a lot of metal close by the sensor?

Sometimes sensor orientation change is enough to improve signal reception. (Horizontal to vertical, etc.)

This is also common on systems with large amounts of sensors.

If you are confident the sensor otherwise functions flawlessly, you could always turn off supervision for that zone. Another thing to check may be battery levels. When is the last time the batteries in that sensor were replaced?

Batteries are less than a year old. I bought the sensor a few months ago and it did have the tab that you pull out to allow the batteries to contact the terminals. How long the sensor was sitting before I pulled the tab and installed is a mystery so I could just change the batteries to see if that helps.

Only metal close to the sensor is just the handles on a dresser that is by that window. Other than that, it’s a pretty open path to the panel.

When you say large amounts of sensors, what is a large amount? I have 15 dw10s, 6 motion, glass break, smoke, fire alert and an IP bridge all on the 345mhz. I guess that would be a lot huh?

If I turn off supervision, will it still trigger an alarm? I do have it set as a perimeter sensor since it is a window that is easy to access from ground level.

Yes, the sensor will still report alarms. Supervision is an interval signal there to ensure the sensor is still present and communicating.

Adding a signal repeater would help, assuming the problem is not a defective sensor.

Signal repeater? Must have missed that somewhere. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying that. Is it a 2gig product?

Resolution Products.

Thanks Jason! I’ll check it out