Loss of supervision after removing sensor

I have a 2gig system with a wired takeover module and recently painted a room and disconnected a glass break sensor from the wires. Next thing I know I have loss of supervision on all zones. I tried restarting the 2gig module and nothing.

I also removed battery backup and ac for both the 2gig box and the take over module. When I turn it back on, it doesn’t recognize any sensor and is ready to arm but nothing sets off the alarm. After a few hours I get notification of loss of supervision again.

How do I get the 2gig to recognize the zones again? Thank you.

A glass break would be powered via the 12V aux terminals of your power source (typically the old panel.)

Did you power down the system when removing the wires? Have you reinstalled the glass break at this time? If not, how did you leave the end of the wire where it connects to the glass break?

It sounds like your Takeover module may simply not be getting power at this time.

I did not turn power off when I removed the glass break sensor. I now have it hooked back up and unplugged the control box power and control panel in hopes to reset. Still getting loss of supervision. Would wires touching cause a short in the takeover module or blow a fuse? Any suggestions? Thanks

Do you have a multimeter to test voltage at the 2GIG TAKE-345?

The first thing to determine is whether or not you have power to the takeover module. It is very likely given the description of the issue that you do not.

You could also test the power directly on the Aux terminals of your old panel.

A few questions:

What model of control panel are you using to power the TAKE and sensors? This will help us give specific direction on what terminals to test.

Did you remove any wires back at the control panel when you took the glass break off the wall?

The TAKE-345 has a small learn button on the board. If you determine it is receiving power or cannot test power directly, with everything plugged in, press the small Learn button on the TAKE. Does the LED light up for roughly 8 seconds? If you do not see the LED light up, the TAKE is not getting power or is damaged.