Loss of signal lately

Hey guys, lately I have been getting loss of contact with a motion sensor that is in my shed a good 50’ away from the CP1 or the CP2 it never lost contact in the first past 3 years or so. But lately it goes offline. I have no idea what’s up. Something maybe new neighbor has that could cause this? Who knows… Is putting in a 2GIG Wireless Translator (RE224GT) the way to go? It can’t hurt right?


When was the last time the batteries were replaced?

3 years can be roughly the expected limit for 2GIG Motion Detectors depending on usage. You may have borderline low battery.

The wireless translators are for using non-Honeywell/2GIG sensors with a 2GIG panel. You would want to use the wireless signal repeater if you feel one becomes necessary.

Yes I meant the post the repeater. Yeah I tried changing the battery 2x I thought maybe a had a bad batch of batteries.

Thanks Jason

I’ve never had much luck myself with lone sensors in exterior buildings away from the control panel.

That said, with a repeater, I’ve seen door sensors work from another building 200 feet away.

It all depends. If the space is not temperature controlled, you may be running into operating temp issues.

If the shed is metal you’ll definitely have supervision errors.

If the shed contains a lot of metal storage items, it might affect signal.

Thanks jason, I ordered one