Loss of sensor supervision

I am really struggling with this problem. I have just installed a new system this weekend. I have an alert where several sensors simultaneously alert with a notice that says “loss of sensor supervision”. It is different sensors each time and they all go at once. When this happens the system has a bleeping tone that is very distracting. I have turned the audio off, but every time it trips it resets the audio and is very annoying.

Is there any way to turn the audio off other than disconnecting the power line and removing the battery??!!

To make the panel be quiet when it’s trying to alert you about a trouble condition, you have to acknowledge the trouble condition. In other words, you have to tell the panel you are aware there is a problem. Follow the instructions in this PDF to acknowledge the trouble condition and make the panel be quiet.

Next comes the hard part, figuring out why those sensors are malfunctioning. Usually that means either the sensor is too far away from the control panel or the wireless signal is being blocked by metal or difficult walls. Where are your malfunctioning sensors located in relation to the control panel?