Looking to "take-over" an old Brinks install with new hardware

I’m trying weigh all my options as far as possible solutions for my situation. I just bought a house, and found an old Brinks system from 1996 installed. The house was pre-wired for a security system, which is very nice. So far, I’ve been able to come up with the following Honeywell/Total Connect option:

Vista20P, Honeywell 6162rf KP, Siren, GSMV4G cellular communicator, new 7ah battery

Basically, I’m looking for other options I can consider in addition to this. With Honeywell, I think I’m pigeonholed in to using a Total Connect supplier for monitoring and web function. I’m looking for alternatives that are able to use my existing pre-wired sensors for doors and windows, with the ability to add on wireless sensors such as lights/locks/motion/thermostat in the future for automation. Right now I have 7-8 door and window zones which includes fire, so I think I’ll need a new combination smoke/co2 alarm as well. Not sure if 2w or 3w yet. I’m also partial to cellular monitoring so I don’t have to have a POTS line, and I don’t have to worry about an internet outage.

What are some possible solutions from 2gig and QOLSys? Are there additional options from Honeywell that I’m not taking advantage of?

If your brinks panel still powers up and at least provides power across the aux 12volt terminals with a working battery charging circuit, this is what you would be looking for with 2GIG. The Takeover Module described in that link turns 8 wired zones into wireless serial IDs to communicate with the 2Gig Go!Control panel.

Alternatively, a Resolution Products version exists with a built in battery back up which eliminates the need of the old panel, but it cannot power wired motion detectors or glassbreaks.

Neither option will work with smoke detectors or CO detectors, so these would need to be replaced.

A side benefit of the 2Gig takeover option is that it does not look for specific resistance value on the sensor circuits. (The resolution products version does, so if resistors aren’t wired in at the panel, you’ll have to search out and remove them.)

If you have more wired zones than 8, you can either condense zones by wiring them together in series (useful for windows) or you can use multiple takeover modules.

2Gig is compatible with 5800 series Honeywell wireless sensors as well, so there is a huge list of options.

Qolsys has the same Resolution Products takeover module option as 2Gig (albeit a different, rebranded model.) Qolsys is compatible with GE wireless security sensors.

I was actually looking at completely replacing the panel - I’m not sure it works. And I’m afraid to plug everything in because I don’t have the codes for anything! That’s why I have the Vista20P listed in the option I’m currently considering - plus I know that I can integrate a Smoke/CO detector with it.

Does the 2gig option support wireless smoke/co? What monitoring options would I have, and how’s the digital app support there?

Wireless smokes are available. As are CO detectors. If your home has interconnected AC smoke detectors, there is even an audio detector to use all of them with one device.

Service plans are found here (Gold Interactive) and here (Basic Interactive). Both can include 24/7 professional central station monitoring. Descriptions and differences, including pricing and add-ons are found here.

It is very common to make use of older panels in the way described. Removing the phone and siren wires prior to power up will ensure you have no surprises. If it does not function, there are inexpensive ways of replicating what is needed.

Alarm.com service through suretyDIY is literally designed around remote access and control of your system and all integrated components. The app and web control is front and center.

OK - I’m going to check my panel tonight. I think it should be easy enough to figure out the siren and communications lines and disconnect them before power up. I will almost certainly need a new battery when I move forward with any option. I wasn’t aware I could re-use this panel, and was certain I would have to replace it. Though I suppose with 2gig, the takeover module makes this possible.

Are there any 4G cellular options that would work?

Am I limited to 2gig brand accessories? I’d like to find a Smoke/CO combo unit, better thermostat, etc.

Are there any options outside of alarm.com for 2gig? I was hoping to stay at $20/mo, it’s weird that all of the automation features cost more, when you already have access to the app in the basic plan.

Access to the app does not take into account large quantities of additional data with the additional devices and zwave commands. There are very very wide differences system to system, so a single automation plan with most everything included helps to streamline the process.

I am personally unaware of a compatible smoke/carbon combo detector. There are a few other full product lines that are compatible however. Honeywell 5800 series sensors are natively compatible with the 2Gig Go!Control panel, and Resolution Products makes a fairly full line of compatible products. (Many of which are available on suretyDIY)

Thermostats are Zwave, which is a different bag compared to 345mhz security sensors. Zwave devices are largely interoperable, save for some firmware and revision incompatibilities. If a specific zwave thermostat looks interesting, I would suggest asking here to verify whether it is compatible or not.

There are no ADC 4G cards at the moment.

I’ve just tried plugging in my system to test everything. All doors closed, and I get faults in three zones right away. Since I don’t know the code, I can’t do anything about it, and eventually the alarm goes off (though I unplugged the siren on your advice, so we don’t have to deal with that!). At this point, I’m not sure what I can do. We have minimal documentation, and nothing to indicate what the code may be.

I should’ve been more descriptive in the first response. By using the existing panel, we literally only mean the 12vdc power and back-up battery.

You can disconnect the keypad wires. (Bonus, you can reuse the keypad wires to wire up the 2Gig plug in transformer and mount the 2Gig Control Panel where the keypad is (if in a good spot).

All you would need to verify with the existing system is whether you get 12vdc on the appropriate terminals when the system is plugged into AC and when it is unplugged (to test battery, although the existing battery would likely need replaced, depending on how old it is).

If you are only planning on using non-powered wired sensors (like door window contacts) then the resolution products RE208 Hardwire Takeover is a better fit because you could just use a 12vdc plug-in power supply and the takeover provides its own back up battery and you wouldn’t need the old panel for anything.

The biggest issue you are gonna have is the installation and prrogramming, regardless of the system you use. With 2GIG its easy. See: http://www.2gigforum.com/forums/9-Installation-and-Troubleshooting

Another option… (If you want it easy and simple). cost approx $150 for DW10’s and Smoke. $150-$170 gets new a new 2GIG Panel. Cell module runs approx $80-$100.

Total approx cost for equipment: $380-$400

Keep all 7/8 of your wired door/window sensors, and get a new smoke detector (SMKT2 or SMKT3), rip out and trash the Brinks/ADT. Done. Easy.

Wire all existing door/window contacts to dw10’s as loop1

Obtain new wireless heat/smoke detector ($30-$40).

Trash the ADT panel completely, and still keep/use all your wired sensors. On the average you can get a DW10 for $15. So…$105…

For example, here is a wired door sensor wired to a dw10

I thought if I left my keypad attached, I would be able to at least hear the beeps when doors open/close, that’s what I was hoping for anyway!

All of my door/window sensors are plungers, wired in to the wall. Would I simply take the DW10s and put them where my Brinks panel is now? All this being said, that RE208 looks like the better bet. Although, I still need to figure out if I’ve got EoLRs at the contacts. They are definitely not in my panel.

My plan at this point includes ditching the panel I have now completely, including getting a new battery. This equipment is from 1996.

Are there no options with QOLsys?

Qolsys has their own hardwired takeover module which is pretty much identical to the RE208 but uses GE wireless protocol.