Looking to Switch to the 2GIG GC3 Panel

I’m looking to upgrade my current 2-gig system to a new gc3 system. I have a main panel downstairs, secondary panel in the bedroom, and verizon cell (although we get fine att reception here as well). Can you give me some advice etc on how to make the switch and what specific parts I need to order to do the conversion? I’ll order them through you, but I wanted to check first before placing the order to make sure I am getting the right items etc.


Happy to help out. A similar thread can be found here describing the process of switching from GC2 to GC3.

You would need a GC3 panel and a Cell Sled for the GC3 (cellular modules for the GC2 cannot be used with the GC3)

Existing standard 345 mhz sensors and Z-wave devices can function with the GC3. If you have them, TS1s, Go!Bridge, and GC2 Image Sensors are not compatible. You would want to replace the TS1 with an SP1 or SP2 secondary keypad.

If your Go!Control is a newer GC2 there is a backup and restore process which can be attempted. However if your panel is an older model this is not possible.

You can tell the version by the front face-plate.

Does your panel have the word “Emergency” spelled out under the emergency button? If so it is an older version. If it has symbols instead, it is newer.

If your panel has the word Emergency spelled out on the front plate, you would need to just re-learn all devices manually.

If your panel is a GC2:

  1. Request a backup of the current settings either through secure message or email to customerservice@suretyDIY.com. (Z-wave devices are not able to be backed up and must be manually programmed into new panel) Include the new Alarm.com cell sled number and indicate you are swapping panels.
  2. Our team will notify you when the backup is run.
  3. Install the GC3 Cell Sled but do not power it up yet.
  4. Let us know you are ready for the settings to be pushed.
  5. Our team will notify you and provide instructions to complete the process.

Note that Z-wave devices cannot be backed up in this way and must be added locally.